Morocco is a country with a rich culture and civilization.  It is a special place, a country of enormous diversity, both in terms of landscape and culture.  It is a town that has learned to coexist with tourism, which, in many cities, is the main income of its inhabitants.  Its people are welcoming and have learned to integrate other cultures, mainly Western, into their own, despite the enormous differences.
 It is a beautiful country, full of contrasts, in which we can go from overcrowded and industrialized cities to small towns where it seems that time does not pass.
 Its contrast is also landscape: beaches (some wild, others in the same city), impressive waterfalls in the heart of the mountains, imperial cities, green mountains and a desert, the Sahara, the largest arid zone in the world.
 On trips to Morocco, in addition to its beautiful landscapes and spectacular cities and towns, you can enjoy the sun, the Arab architecture, the Arab and Berber culture, and its gastronomy of great richness and diversity, as well as the practice various sports: trekking, surfing, sandboarding, etc.
 All of the above, together with its good climate (mild and warm during the spring and autumn months) have made Morocco a tourist attraction, both for Arabs from the area and for tourists from other countries.
 With our routes you will have the opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful jewels in the whole country.